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Why Vote Missourian Cori Bush for U.S. Senate?

Before a bill becomes a law it is voted on by the senate. It is important that we elect senators that truly represent us as a state, so that laws can be passed in our best interest. Born and raised in Missouri, Cori Bush is an ordained pastor, a former business owner, an activist & organizer.
She is a recipient of the 2015 Woman of Courage Award from the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, the daughter of a politician father and a computer analyst mother. She is the proud parent of two amazing teenagers and the sibling of two. As a registered nurse she supervises nursing services for several mental health facilities that serve the homeless, underserved, underinsured, and uninsured. She's from a very proud family with a history & tradition of military service and is dedicated to ensuring that no Missourian goes unnoticed or unrepresented in the White House.

A Few Statistics Cori Bush Plans to Help Decrease as a Member of the Senate:

United States African American Citizens Killed By Police in 2015 were Unarmed
United States Americans Make Less Than $15/hour
United States Bachelor's Degree Recipients Graduate with Outstanding Debt

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